Gloria Bravo-Gutierrez

Corporate Organizational Development

Is your organization struggling with change or the prospect of it?

Is there new leadership in place, or a revised mission?

These are common challenges many businesses and organizations face. How groups handle change can determine whether they continue to succeed, how far they can go—or if they will collapse altogether.

Ingenia Creative Solutions is an Organizational Development (OD) consultancy with a focus on executive and team coaching and transformational learning. Transformational learning is very useful in business and organization settings because it guides employees to understand how their own experiences and beliefs may prevent them from taking appropriate and rational approaches to change, conflict and communications.

Led by Gloria Bravo-Gutierrez, Ph.D., Ingenia helps groups handle transitions in leadership, mission, and corporate culture and overcome seemingly overwhelming challenges. Much of Dr. Bravo-Gutierrez’s work has been with healthcare organizations, which probably face more challenges than any other industry today.

Ingenia also works with groups that work with Latina women enrolled in post-secondary education. This is a population that faces unique stresses that too often interfere with their education success. Using her OD background, Dr. Bravo-Gutierrez delivers customized leadership development, coaching, and facilitation services to help colleges create bridges that address these pressures so that their Latina students can continue their education and promote their career prospects.

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