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Coaching Teams

Coaching TeamsI have worked with a variety of teams in the healthcare field over the past eleven years and have some insights to share. Typically, there was a crisis indicated by a standardized measure used by the organization or there was a major personnel issue and staff was up in arms.

Three steps to successful coaching of teams include:

  • Listening first
    • Allow staff and leaders to vent. Listening builds trust.
    • Learn about the team and their world
  • Asking questions/setting the goal
    • What would the team like to see changed? What is the goal/target?
    • How can team members help realize these changes?
    • What part(s) can team members make happen? By when?
  • Follow up
    • How frequently will we meet to follow up?
    • How are we doing in terms of progress toward our goal?
    • Do we have senior leadership buy-in/support?